Dr. Fritzi-Marie Titzmann

postdoctoral researcher

Prior to joining RePLITO, Fritzi-Marie Titzmann was Assistant Professor in Modern South Asian Studies at Leipzig University (2014-2021). In 2019, she was a Visiting Professor at the department of Gender and Media Studies for the South Asian Region, Institute of Asian and Africa Studies, Humboldt-University of Berlin. Her research focuses on gender, media, and social change in contemporary India. She has published on the Indian online matrimonial market, including a monograph (2014, in German), family, sexuality, social activism, and media representations. 

Research Interests
South Asia; India; Protest Movements; Media Studies; Gender Studies

More About Their Research

Selected Publications

  • Titzmann, Fritzi-Marie. 2014. "'The Voice of the Youth' – Locating a new public sphere between street protest and digital discussion." In Studying Youth, Media and Gender in Post-Liberalisation India. Focus on and beyond the 'Delhi Gang Rape', edited by Nadja-Christina Schneider and Fritzi-Marie Titzmann. Berlin: Frank & Timme.
  • Schneider, Nadja-Christina and Fritzi-Marie Titzmann, eds. 2014. Studying Youth, Media and Gender in Post-Liberalisation India. Focus on and beyond the ‘Delhi Gang Rape'. (Berlin: Frank & Timme).
  • Schneider, Nadja-Christina and Titzmann, Fritzi-Marie, eds. 2020. Family Norms and Images in Transition. Contemporary Negotiations of Reproductive Labor, Love and Relationships in India. Baden-Baden: Nomos.


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